8171 Redwood Boulevard is a spectacular location for your business with excellent access to Highway 101, the North Bay's main transportation artery.

View from the warehouse to the main entrance of the office building. The surrounding hills give 8171 Redwood Boulevard a peaceful, natural setting year-round.

View of the warehouse and office building from the top of Birki Hill. Notice the beautiful Marin County tidelands and close proximity to Hwy. 101.

Aireal view of 8171 Redwood Boulevard. At the end of Redwood Blvd. is a gate which opens to a private driveway leading to separate parking lots for the warehouse and office building.

The office building.

Management offices, conveyor belts and storage and inventory racks are already in place in the warehouse to help your company's operations and organization. You'll be set up and working efficiently in a short amount of time.

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